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Dropped kerbs

Double parking
At all times please park courteously, and do not impede other road users, motor vehicles, pedestrians, pram users, wheel chair users or mobility scooters. Failure to do so may result in a £70 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Dropped kerbsIssuing of a PCN: adjacent to dropped kerb of a single residential building

Where the dropped footway permits access to residential premises, code 27 is only enforced in response to complaints.

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will follow the following procedure for contravention code 27 to ensure a consistent and fair service.

This is to ensure they only enforce in the case of a genuine complaint (from the resident or business) about obstruction of the dropped kerb.

  • A complaint is received from a resident, or business, about a vehicle parked adjacent to their dropped kerb.  Control Room to explain that the complaint must be justified - access is blocked, not just inconvenient to get out.

  • Take details of blocking vehicle, location and the complainant - name address (should be the same as the dropped kerb/cross-over) and telephone number.

  • Advise complainant that his/her signature will be required for the record that the complaint came from the resident.

  • IF CEO is in the vicinity, the CEO is then dispatched to the said location looking for the vehicle (details given by the Control Room). If the CEO is not in the town this will be the first call for the CEO on visiting that town. CEOs cannot ‘firefight’ these contraventions as they will be dealing with other contraventions elsewhere.

  • On arrival, CEO checks that the vehicle is found and is deemed in contravention of code 27.

  • CEO must get the resident to confirm the details and get the resident to sign Pocket Book. The Pocket Book should record the following details:

    • Time

    • VRM and drawing

    • Printed name of resident

    • Signature

  • The PCN is then issued.

  • The obstruction remains however, and can only be moved by the Police.

Pedestrian cross over dropped kerb (by road junctions) for prams/wheelchairs

These do not need a complaint and will be enforced at any time by a CEO in the course of their duties.

Double parking

This is a code 26.

If you park alongside another vehicle, or are over 50cms from the kerb you could be issued with an instant PCN.


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