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Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) is a Government initiative that allows the police to invest more time and money into tackling crime as it transfers responsibility for parking enforcement from the police to local councils.

May of DerbyshireFrom 31 March 2008, the introduction of Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004 changed the way in which parking enforcement takes place. From this date it has been known as Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) and is the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council and its district/borough partners to oversee.

Under the TMA local councils or their agents/contractors carry out enforcement on-street (on the highway) and off-street (in car parks) that are covered by the partnerships approved Civil Enforcement Area (CEA) and Special Enforcement Area (SEA) as approved by the Department of Transport.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued to motorists who commit a parking contravention, for example to prevent contravention of double yellow lines, and overstaying a paid limit in a car park and will be enforced by Civil Parking Enforcement Officers in the geographic boundary of Derbyshire County Council.

Contravention could include the enforcement of:

  • waiting restrictions on double/single yellow lines
  • loading restrictions including loading bays
  • parking in front of dropped kerbs
  • double parking
  • urban clearways
  • parking bays for specific users
  • pay and display parking bays
  • permit and residents parking zones
  • disabled parking bays.

We do not enforce moving traffic offences such as banned turns, bus lanes, box junctions. And, for the time being, we will not be clamping or towing away vehicles.

For more information please read our enforcement policy.


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