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Our officers

Our officers are here to ensure road safety, your safety, and a fair share of parking space and time. Please respect them as they go about their duty on your behalf.
civil enforcement officer in Chesterfield town centre

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) enforce off-street and on-street car parking in Derbyshire.

This includes:

  • off-street car parks owned by the district councils
  • pay and display parking
  • residents' parking schemes
  • double yellow lines
  • and other parking restrictions

They will check to see if cars are parked appropriately and if not they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

There are set observation periods for a different contravention and CEOs will ask a motorist to move a vehicle, if he/she is in the vehicle prior to issuing a PCN.

Here are some typical contraventions that our CEOs will issue you a penalty charge notice for:

  • parking on double yellow lines
  • parking on single yellow lines during the times shown on the sign
  • parking in a loading bay unless loading or unloading during the times shown
  • parking on zig zag markings and pedestrian crossings
  • overstaying your time in a limited waiting bay
  • overstaying your times in council car parks
  • parking in a bus lane or taxi rank
  • parking in a disabled parking space unless you display a valid blue badge

CEOs do not have individual discretion when issuing PCNs and will not take any mitigating circumstances (such as a dental appointment overrunning) into account at the time of issue. Any circumstances will be considered by the appeals staff at a later date. This will ensure consistency and prevent CEOs having to make judgement calls in potentially hostile situations.


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